BlinkLane Consulting

Working at BlinkLane


Our culture

We help our clients achieve their ambitions. We work on complicated challenges that require innovative solutions. The drive to add value and constantly exceed expectations is the basis upon which all or our services are built. This is why we take great interest in both the professional and personal development of our consultants.

Creativity, integrity and respect for the individual characterize our culture. We offer an inspiring environment that is non-hierarchical and informal. BlinkLane strives to work on assignments in teams with multiple consultants. At BlinkLane, you will be part of a motivated and close team in an open and friendly culture where direct communication and professionalism are considered highly important. We think it’s important to have an environment that supports initiative and creativity, and where the opinion of all our people is valued.

Personal drive and responsibility are deeply appreciated at BlinkLane. Your personal ambitions matter to us and we work hard to help you achieve them through education, training and other means. It is important to us that we can meet both your and our clients’ expectations.

Within BlinkLane, we continuously work to expand, develop and share our knowledge. We also encourage and support participation in educational programs and courses that fit our mutual objectives. If you have a keen interest in certain topics or industries, BlinkLane also offers you the opportunity to gradually specialize in this/these fields if you wish to do so.

Your profile

As a BlinkLane consultant you will work with an inspiring team of colleagues on challenging projects that are usually executed on-site together with our clients. Therefore, we look for team players with good social and communicative skills. In addition to these characteristics, a BlinkLane consultant is committed to his or her clients, motivated to perform, willing to take responsibility and fun to work with. Skills and attitude are considered even more important than knowledge.

As a consultant, you have a master’s degree and affinity with IT. You have excellent analytical and problem solving skills, are able to formulate logical arguments in a clear manner and you exhibit an entrepreneurial spirit.

You help our clients with issues that matter and you consider increasing the visible and sustainable contribution of IT within the organization to be a challenge. You prefer working with the clients, not just by yourself, and you don’t settle for the conventional solution. Instead, you seek unique and creative solutions that genuinely fit the true need of the client. You make sure your recommendations are realistic: they are feasible for the organization and will help them get closer to their goals.

We are always looking for “the best”: enthusiastic professionals that are looking for a challenge, an environment that stimulates own initiative and personal development. Professionals that want to be challenged and be appreciated for their performance. As a capable, professional and ambitious consultant you are seeking an organization that matches your preferences for the following things:

  • You prefer a large degree of autonomy, enjoy regularly changing contacts and like taking responsibility for the things you do. Your urge for autonomy is apparent in the choices that you make. You desire and strive for an independent role in your projects and seek recognition as an individual for the things you do.
  • You are looking for a position in a professional and informal environment, where continual growth and development are stimulated. You are also looking for a position that allows you to meet new people.
  • You don’t consider work to be an obligation or burden, nor is it simply a way to make money. Rather you see work as an opportunity to engage in your passion.
  • In order to achieve your professional objectives, you are willing to engage in regular education and training, whilst balancing this with your personal life.
  • You don’t seek nor are you worried about regular schedules, hierarchy and workload. You consider yourself flexible.

As a consultant you will be working in close cooperation with your colleagues to help organizations improve their performance.

If you have any questions about possible opportunities for you at BlinkLane, please contact us.