BlinkLane Consulting

Consultancy Trainee

Because you want to be a consultant at a fast-growing and entrepreneurial advisory firm.

WHY is this traineeship interesting for you?
Did you start your own company during your studies? Have you been active in committees or did you participate in other extracurricular activities? Then you have already experienced different aspects of entrepreneurship. Next to all the organizing, directing and improvising, you’ve learned what it’s like to innovate and to be creative. Would you like to collaborate with equally entrepreneurial and experienced colleagues in international environments? Then the BlinkLane Traineeship might be exactly what you’re looking for.

WHAT does this traineeship offer you?
The BlinkLane Traineeship is a program for ambitious university graduates. During your traineeship, you will join a BlinkLane team on two challenging assignments, where the consultants help you to gain the necessary experience to become a BlinkLane consultant yourself. You and your fellow trainees will follow an intensive training program in which BlinkLane consultants teach you about the BlinkLane areas of expertise: Scaling Agile, Digital Transformation, Strategic Sourcing, and Innovation & Growth. Additionally, you are stimulated to work on your personal development goals, guided by your mentor. During the traineeship, BlinkLane prepares and trains you to become a BlinkLane consultant.

To summarize, we offer you:
- The opportunity to gain practical experience within organizations in the financial, public, high-tech, media, IT or retail sectors;
- The opportunity to experience roles such as (junior) project manager, project management officer (PMO), Agile coach, business consultant, business analyst, et cetera;
- The opportunity to develop yourself personally and professionally through our comprehensive training program;
- The opportunity to join a group of awesome colleagues and participate in events like: the Friday ‘borrel’, legendary parties, volleyball tournaments, trips abroad, and much more.

HOW can you become a trainee at BlinkLane?
Our application process consists of four rounds, spread out over two days:
- A selection based on your CV, university grades and a cover letter or video showing your motivation to work for BlinkLane
- Interviews with a BlinkLane consultant and partner.
- An assessment including a cognitive ability test.
- A presentation of yourself for a group of our colleagues.

Do you want to become a BlinkLane consultant? Join our traineeship program of 2017! Send your CV, grades and cover letter or video to Lisa van de Voort: The application deadline is the 1st of March, 2017.

More information about the traineeship can be found in this brochure.


  • Consultancy Trainee


  • 1 year


  • Tech-Savvy
  • Analytical
  • Entrepreneurial
  • Resourceful
  • Self-starter
  • Committed
  • Passionate
  • Dare to take risks


  • Scientific degree (Masters)

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