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Riekes Beelen

Riekes Beelen (1983) is a consultant at BlinkLane. He holds a master’s degree in Strategic Product Design from the Delft University of Technology. Riekes’ focus is on (business model) innovation and venturing. For his graduation project he helped a Chilean cooperative of sea salt producers to make the transition from a capacity company to a product company. He co-founded Fancal, a company that created calendar apps for fans of partners such as Liverpool FC, Chelsea FC and BNN. Riekes also worked with other start-ups, helping them to improve their business model and strategy. Riekes is motivated to create and facilitate change and progress, whether this is in a start-up or corporate environment. He believes in the power of innovation and design thinking. With his analytical skills he is able to see the bigger picture and clarify complex situations. His entrepreneurial drive and creativity help him to achieve great results for clients.




  • Business model innovation
  • Innovation and Venturing
  • Start-ups and Entrepreneurship
  • Design Thinking


  • 2015 – now     BlinkLane Consulting
  • 2014 – 2015    Freelance Business Designer
  • 2011 – 2015      Co-fouder and CTO Fancal


  • Master in Strategic Product Design at Delft University of Technology
  • Exchange program at Università degli Studi di Genova
  • Bachelor in Industrial Design Engineering at the Delft University of Technology

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