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Strategic sourcing

Today’s business environment requires a great deal of flexibility, efficiency and innovation. Aligning service and delivery processes with business objectives is a challenge companies continuously face. An engagement with service providers can create the opportunity for a company to organize itself more efficiently. Strategic sourcing aligns business objectives and market capabilities. BlinkLane assists its clients in designing, implementing and monitoring effective sourcing strategies.

BlinkLane has a proven track record in effectively assisting its clients in all areas of sourcing, from (out)sourcing IT services to (out)sourcing IT intensive business processes. Particularly in the areas of closed book life insurance and payment services, for example, BlinkLane has built up extensive knowledge and experience.

We believe that an essential aspect of success is the client organization’s in-house ability to proficiently manage, run the implementation of, and monitor the strategy of sourcing relationships. BlinkLane ensures that clients develop these capabilities.

The Cloud: Reshaping society

Posted by Willem Tibosch on January 23rd, 2013

Recently I have read Liars and Outliers by Bruce Schneier. I am not going to give you a full review of this book, nice ones are already created for instance by Adam Thierer (Forbes). But it is an intriguing book. … Read more