BlinkLane Consulting

Our themes

BlinkLane is known for innovating its services in order to help clients deal with today’s challenges. Constantly evolving, our services have changed over the years and will continue to do so in the future. Building upon our consultants’ extensive knowledge and experience, we are focussing on a limited number of important themes in 2016:

Digital transformation

Organizations need to transform drastically, in order to maximise value and realise the full potential of current and future digital innovations. BlinkLane understands the challenges and has a proven track record in guiding clients through successful organizational transformation. Read more

Strategic sourcing

Aligning service and delivery processes with business objectives is a challenge companies continuously face. Today’s business environment demands highly flexible processes. Sourcing can provide this flexibility. BlinkLane assists its clients in designing, implementing and monitoring effective sourcing strategies. Read more

Scaling Agile

Changing market conditions, technology innovations, consumer empowerment and shifting global markets are just a few of the many pressures contributing to the highly dynamic business environments of today. Organizations have to become agile; reducing time-to-market and improving responsiveness to stay competitive. BlinkLane has a proven track record in helping organizations to become Agile on enterprise scale. Read more

Innovation & Growth


BlinkLane helps C-level management with balancing innovation & growth categories, and focuses on the exploration of new-growth innovations by providing tailored solutions to take ideas to fruition. More specifically we focus on the tech drivers Machine Learning, Big Data, Blockchain, Internet of Things, Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality. Because we believe these technologies are structurally changing our society and are both a threat and an opportunity for corporates. Read more