About BlinkLane

Turbulent times require real transformation

Organizations continue to be challenged by changing market conditions, disruptive business models, evolving customer expectations and other global events. If anything, the Covid-19 pandemic has made it very clear that organizations need to be able to reinvent themselves to stay relevant.

BlinkLane Consulting is an international consulting firm specialized in organizational transformation supporting organizations to overcome these challenges and exploit new opportunities.

Read more about the transformation themes that have our current focus.

Focus areas

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Strategic Flow

The ability of organizations to effectively execute their enterprise strategy is crucial for competitive success.

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Scaling Agile

Organizations have to become agile: reducing time-to-market and improving responsiveness to stay competitive.


Continuous Innovation

New innovations are driven by emerging technologies that provide a gateway into potential high growth.

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Reinventing HR

In this dynamic world where organizational adaptability is key, HR plays a vital role in ensuring successful change through an organization’s core asset – its people.

BlinkLane Group

BlinkLane Consulting together with Gladwell Academy are part of BlinkLane Group and based in Amsterdam (the Netherlands), Paris (France), Boston (USA) and Bangalore (India).

BlinkLane Group has top-of-market expertise in leading organizational change. When BlinkLane and Gladwell combine forces, we – together with our client – develop a self-sustaining organization through knowledge, experience and education.

Our consultants, coaches and trainers are considered global Thought Leaders in Organizational Change, with academic and management literature publications, and speaking engagements at leading international conferences.

Our contribution to a better tomorrow

At the BlinkLane, our motto is 'to succeed beyond ambition': making a positive contribution to our clients, our people and our society, while sparing the planet as much as possible. How we do this, you can read in our Corporate Social Responsibility report.

Our people

Our professionals are experienced in solving complex problems for large organizations.

Each individual is highly motivated to deliver the best solution, bringing a unique perspective and a personal touch.