Scaling Agile

Scaling Agile means full scale organizational change.

While Agile principles and working methods have become mainstream, maximizing the benefits of an Agile way of working in large organizations has turned out to be no small feat.

One of the major challenges is that corporate bureaucracy gets in the way if the Agile mind-set is not embraced throughout all levels of the organization.

Real change depends on a transformation that is far more radical than improvement at a team level. Small, autonomous teams will not be able to deliver fast value if surrounding processes (e.g., investment funding and portfolio management) still apply long planning cycles. 

BlinkLane has a proven track record in improving time to market and responsiveness of product and service delivery, by applying Agile principles on all levels and across all disciplines in large organizations.

BlinkLane Group

Transformation through education

BlinkLane Consulting, Gladwell Academy are part of BlinkLane Group and based in Amsterdam (the Netherlands), Paris (France) and Bangalore (India). Since our establishment in 2007, we have grown into one of the world’s leading consultancy, Agile coaching and global training firms in large-scale Agile transformations. We guide the Agile transformations of highly-regarded clients in all industries, including aviation, financial services and technology.

BlinkLane Group has top-of-market expertise in leading organizational change. When BlinkLane and Gladwell combine forces, we – together with our client – develop an Agile organization structure, implement the change and create a self- sustaining Agile organization through knowledge, experience and education.

Our consultants, coaches and trainers are considered global Thought Leaders in lean-Agile organization theory, with academic and management literature publications, and presentations and speeches at leading international conferences. We are Gold Partner of the Scaled Agile Institute. After Scaled Agile Institute itself, we are the world’s second organization in terms of consultants/trainers with the highest level of SAFe certification (SPCT*).


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