Highberg Consulting Career Class

Grow the consultant in you within 1 year!

If you join us, we will support you to become a true transformation consultant. This is a (paid) transformation consultant role, in which you will gain hands-on experience right from the start, but you will also get the chance to sharpen your consultancy skills, through industry-specific trainings. Together with your colleagues you will work on projects for large (international) clients - from designing their vision for change, to leading the actual transformation. BlinkLane consultants are strategists, advisors, facilitators and coaches. All at the same time.

Your Impact

As transformation consultant you play a key role in end-to-end consulting assignments: from strategy to execution. In particular, you are able to help organizations successfully exploit evolving challenges in the digital age. Examples of client projects you will be working on, are:

  • Transforming traditional organizations into responsive digital market leaders;
  • Build agile and innovative organizations that are fully equipped to grow and attend to ever raising customer needs. 
  • Help clients reach their goals through improving organizational processes, ways of working, behavior, and leadership;
  • Realizing improvements on organizations’ IT delivery;
  • Supporting an organization in establishing a consistent flow from strategy to execution (e.g. Lean Portfolio Management);
  • Setting up practices and ways of working aimed at realizing continuous innovation;
  • Reinventing organizational practices (HR, finance, portfolio management) to fit the needs of an adaptive organization.

The BlinkLane Culture

You will be part of a motivated team in an open and friendly culture where direct communication and professionalism are considered key prerequisites for success. As colleagues, we value each other for who we are, and we build upon core values that unite us. Please find them on our careerpage.

A BlinkLane consultant is committed, ambitious and keen to take on responsibility. You actively embrace the challenge to support clients in their most demanding issues.

I love the culture at BlinkLane, the family-like atmosphere, collaboration and the entrepreneurial environment. It gives me a lot of energy!

Christoph Johan Stettina, transformation lead at BlinkLane

The BlinkLane Career Class

We offer two moments to start the program: on May 2nd 2022 or June 1st. You start the Career Class journey together with 10-15 other consultant in spé. They are your colleagues from the different brands of the Highberg Group. Part of the program you follow together with this group: consulting skills and personal leadership sessions. Another part of the program you follow specifically at BlinkLane. Topics that we will focus on during the year, are:

  • Lean & Agile Principles

This module will not only teach you the fundamentals of Agile & Lean, but it will also break down the most popular Agile frameworks such as Scrum, Kanban and SAFe.

  • Organizational Transformation

Explore what is required to help and lead an organization to reinvent itself into a modern, digital and responsive organization. You'll learn how to do so and which methodologies can support you along the way.

  • Innovation Management

One vital outcome of successfully adapting to change is growth. And innovation is critical to growth.  Learn how by understanding the way organizations can identify growth opportunities and improve performances through their business strategies.

  • IT Management

Within our assignments  we focus on organizational transformation, but our assignments always have a strong link with IT.  As such, a basic understanding of IT and  how to manage it is key in our field.​

A complete overview of the program for all brands involved you can find in the brochure. More information about the different brands, please go the Highberg website.

Our application journey

Apply before the end the March. The application journey is tailored to your situation. During the journey we decide about the timeline.

What can you expect?

  1. Interview with HR & consultant: A first introduction. We get to know you, you get to know us. Is there a connection? Do we share similar values? Deep dive in the role of being a consultant and your experience. Can you identify yourself with the person on the other side of the table?
  2. Introduction with Partner: Get to know our leadership. Do we both still have a connection?
  3. Presentation: The final round is our unique part of the process. You were asked to give a presentation to your potential colleagues to introduce yourself and to demonstrate a number of relevant consulting skills. After the presentation, your potential colleagues do a Roman voting. This way, everyone is involved in the hiring process.


Apply via the button below. If you have any questions about the Career Class or application process, please contact Marleen Werkhoven +31642779221. She is always open for a call or a coffee in our office.

Are you ready to become a BlinkLane Highberg Consulting Career Class? Send your CV to Marleen Werkhoven