The Responsiveness Paradox

November 2, 2017 Focus area: Scaling Agile

In order to remain relevant, organizations attempt to respond more swiftly to change. They break with existing habits and adopt an agile way of working. The agile mindset inspires organizations to continuously search for ways to innovate, to be adaptive and to stretch flexibility. One of the benefits of an agile way of working is that it builds on transparent processes and routines. This reduces complexity and politics, and supports teams in their effort to become predictable in their output. However, when proven new agile routines turn into habits again, in behavior with little conscious thought, you risk losing the critical level of responsiveness. How can you, as a Release Train Engineer, Scrum Master or Agile Coach, break this vicious circle? Add a 'continuous disruption flavor' to your improvement-mindset; relentlessly challenging the status quo of your teams! 

Written in collaboration with Sten Reijnen of Achmea.