Don't waste the value of DevOps

December 8, 2017 Focus area: Digital Transformation

To enable corporate agility in the digital age, corporate IT must have practices and tools that allow fast, frequent and reliable deployment of features to customers and end-users. In this article, we reinforce the belief that DevOps is a broad set of practices, principles and tools to remove every last bit of waste from an end-to-end IT delivery chain. Understanding how to identify this end-to-end delivery chain is key for understanding DevOps. We think there is a lack of clarity on what DevOps entails and how it connects to other concepts of agile or scrum. With this article, based on the variety of experiences that we collected, we want to provide clarity on the background of DevOps, why it can make sense, what benefits it offers and how an organization could implement it to improve its end-to-end delivery chain.