May 5, 2023 Focus area: Sustainability Transformation

BlinkLane Consulting, part of Highberg, can call itself a certified B Corporation, also known as B Corp. That is not only something we are very proud of but also what we strive for in our daily work. By becoming certified as a B Corp, we demonstrate our commitment to positively impacting the world and holding ourselves accountable for our actions.

So what does BlinkLane do to stand by this name?

We only drive electrically, or when is possible by bicycle or public transport. We contribute to our communities, by organizing charity events and conducting pro-bono projects. Last year we went with a group of elderly from the association De Zonnebloem to a day at Het Scheepvaartmuseum Amsterdam.

This year we are organizing an entire month (June) of charity events so that our colleagues can have different chances of contributing to society. We will do activities from cooking and handing meals to those in need (50/50 Coocking), walking to collect funds for cancer research and technology (Kippenloop), cleaning and freshening up the garden and living room of Leger des Heils Buurt, and organizing again a day out with the elderly from the Zonnenbloem.

We are focused on the well-being of our colleagues, always striving to keep a healthy balance between personal and professional life. We do this by organizing annual sports events (this year we went climbing), and by having different activities that help us energize, or relax, depending on which side of the spectrum are we.

We try to collaborate with local suppliers for food, fruits, and flowers in the office, and to reduce waste by working with companies such as Pieter Pot - groceries without packaging.

In addition, for the second year in a row we are organizing the Digital Transformation Course, where together with all the other hubs of Highberg, we are helping newcomers with refugee backgrounds to find a job in the Netherlands, and to get exposed to the consultancy world.

B Corp - you do it together!

Highberg helps organizations to be more competitive and sustainable. We see sustainability as the long-term goal for all organizations. Sustainable organizations are resilient and adaptable and have a focus on their main stakeholders. If we help our customers on this journey we think it is appropriate, even a necessity, to be sustainable. So we work and act responsibly, with respect for people and the environment. We commit ourselves to a vital society and a clean environment.

B Corp - what is that?

B Corp stands for Benefit Corporation, which is a type of corporate certification awarded to companies that meet certain social and environmental standards. They are companies that are committed to prioritizing social and environmental goals in addition to making a profit. B Corps are certified by the non-profit organization B Lab, which evaluates company performance in five distinct areas: governance, employees, environment, community, and customers. Companies must achieve a minimum score to qualify for certification.