June 16, 2017

New website live!

Did you notice? Our brand new website is now live! 

In cooperation with Four Digits and Dennis Willems from Dezzign we created a user-friendly website that feels fresh, personal and exclusive. 

What changed?

Well, everything! But some of the biggest changes are: 

  • It's only in English
  • A fresh, clean and modern design 
  • A lot of room for pictures
  • All content by consultants is now called 'insights'
  • A brand new career portal

What didn't change?

  • Our emphasis on people and personal nature
  • A lot of room for sharing our insights and expertise

The old website

Never saw our old website, or forgot what it looked like already? Then have a look below. 

Old BL websiteThe top of the old website's homepage and menu

Old BL website 2The bottom of the old website's homepage and footer

Thank you

We'd like to thank everyone involved in creating the new website. We think it turned out great and are very happy with the result. Don't forget to come back often for new content by our consultants!