Our values


We're in this together

The only way to be an exceptional consulting firm is when we work side-to-side on our assignments and we’re all deeply involved in making BlinkLane a success. This means we also enjoy the benefits together.


Take quality to the extreme

Taking extreme care of the details is what sets us apart. We’re always on the hunt for opportunities to improve the quality of our work. We eat mediocracy for breakfast. This is also reflected in how we take care of ourselves.


Stay right

Our business model is based on high value, rather than high volume. We continuously reinvent ourselves and innovate our services, to make sure we offer something truly valuable and stay ahead of the competition.


Carry your own bags

Life as a consultant is pretty great. But we earn our keep by developing ourselves, organizing our own work and taking full responsibility of all our affairs. But as nothing is really standard in our business, it’s assumed that you ask for help when needed.


Have serious fun

We work hard, but it’s mandatory to have fun while at it. We take our jobs very seriously, unlike ourselves. After all, it’s all invented.