Kelly Hauwert

Senior Consultant

Kelly Hauwert is a transformation consultant at BlinkLane Consulting. With a background in Social Sciences, she is used to look at organizations from a multidisciplinary perspective. She is a strong and independent professional who is able to navigate through complex environments.

Her result driven mentality combined with a strong focus on stakeholder management ensures that Kelly can influence people throughout the whole organization.

Kelly combines her strategic thinking in the execution of plans. With her structured and organized approach she can quickly adapt to a dynamic environment and will ensure that she understands and resolves issues on her path.

In her free time she enjoys kickboxing, reading and traveling.

About Kelly


  • Transformation management
  • Organization design
  • Agile HR
  • Lean Portfolio management


  • 2017 - now BlinkLane Consulting


  • Master Policy, Communication & Organization
  • Bachelor Communication