Ogier Geels


Ogier Geels (1993) is a consultant at BlinkLane Consulting where he helps organizations shape their transformation on an operational level. Ogier has a Master ‘s degree in Innovation Sciences and is accustomed to applying his analytical skills on the multi-disciplinary nature of innovation. With his critical and creative mindset, he is able to provide innovative solutions for complex situations.

Ogier has a compassioned personality which enables him to build long term relationships and collaborations. He is result-driven and has an attitude of getting things done. Colleagues and clients describe him as a true team player who always aims to get the best out of himself and the people around him.

About Ogier


  • Agile Methodologies (SAFe, Scrum, Lean)
  • Innovation Management
  • Stakeholder Coaching
  • Innovation Coaching


  • 2020 - now BlinkLane Consulting


  • Master of Science - Innovation Sciences
  • Bachelor of Science - Science and Innovation Management