Rik de Groot

Rik has a Master of Science in Strategic Entrepreneurship at Erasmus University. He has experience in coordinating automation of financial departments with IT solutions. Rik has vast experience in driving organization change with a strong focus on the deliverables. As a founder of a revolutionary product in the sports industry Rik is common to thinking outside the box and boosting entrepreneurial morale. Rik combines his passion for innovation and his critical view to generate valuable change for both organizations and people. His strength is to empower people to become best performers and be self-starters. Rik’s critical view combined with passion for simplicity generates a constant urge to structure and simplify tasks. Having worked at an IT firm he experienced the basics of Scrum methodology.

About Rik


  • Agile methodologies (SAFe, Scrum, Lean)
  • Start-ups and Entrepreneurship
  • Change Management
  • Coaching Agile Teams


  • March 2016 - December 2017 Blue10 BV


  • MSc in Strategic Entrepreneurship